Brand & website design for Plethora Exploration Corp

Brand & website design for Plethora Exploration Corp

Branding and website design project for a startup mining company, oppressing across Sweden, Norway, Canada, and the USA – we really hit gold with this one!

1 minute read · · Post by Chris Watterston

Plethora Exploration reached out to start initial discussions about the brand and website design project in late-2022, with project kicking off in Q1 of 2023.

The end results, well, we all couldn't be happier.

It was such a joy to work with guys at Plethora Exploration, loved every second of it!

Logo of Plethora Exploration Corp, featuring a stylized geometric crystal in green, white, and yellow, on a bright blue background.
Four icons representing Plethora Exploration Corp's values: a blue crystal for 'Plethora', a range of blue and green mountains for 'Terrain', a layered crystal in blue, green, and yellow for 'Journey', and a blue outlined crystal for 'Scalability' with plus signs between each icon.
Composite image of Plethora Exploration Corp's website featuring homepage, news articles, project maps, and contact information sections with a dark and light green color scheme and yellow accents.
Mobile web app icon for Plethora Exploration Corp featuring a stylized crystal logo in green, white, and yellow on a blue background, centered on a yellow background with subtle app-like icons.
Worker wearing a high-visibility safety vest with the Plethora Exploration Corp logo on the back.
Plethora Exploration Corp's crystal logo superimposed on a serene mountain lake landscape under a cloudy sky.
Logo of Plethora Exploration Corp with a geometric crystal icon in white and yellow on a purple background. Text reads 'The Multi-Asset Discovery-Driven Mineral Exploration Company' beneath the crystal

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