#DesignBuildLaunch24 Challenge: Launch a Digital Product in 24hrs

#DesignBuildLaunch24 Challenge: Launch a Digital Product in 24hrs

Embarking on a 24-hour challenge to design, build, and launch a digital product is a venture that pushes the boundaries of creativity and efficiency. So let's do it!

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I'm embarking on a 24-hour challenge to design, build, and launch a digital product.

...and yep, you read that right - 24 hours!

It'll be a challenge that pushes the boundaries of my creativity, processes, and efficiency (#OCD).

Even more so in an age where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, the challenge to innovate becomes not only a test of skill but also of endurance and creativity. Oh, and of course not pushing aside that there are now a million and one different ways to achieve an end result, with peoples opinions sprinkles on top.

Doesn't that sound like a reassuring recipe, yum... šŸ§

This challenge will share the exhilarating journey of an individual (me) who dared to challenge the norms by designing, building, and launching a digital product in a mere 24 hours*. This ambitious project, recorded and shared for all to see (#BuildInPublic), will be a testament to the power, passion, and my pursuit to design and build digital products. Or just plain old stupidity.

*Due to family commitments, Iā€™m having to split the 24 hours into multiple parts. Hoping the splits will be along the lines of 8 : 10 : 6 (or similar)

Here's a snapshot of the draft schedule that will help guide my digital product creation journey from concept to reality.

Project schedule image for a sprint planning session totaling 24 hours. It is divided into sections: Planning (1hr 30m), Design (5hrs 40m), Development (12hrs 20m), Testing (2hrs 50m), Launch (1hr 40m), and Post-Launch activities. Each phase has specific tasks with allocated times, such as 'Define User Persona', 'Journey Mapping', 'Develop Front-end', and 'Functionality Tests'. The design features stylized headers and a mix of green and yellow color-coded time blocks against a creamy background, with a wave-like pattern at the top.

Strategic Planning: The Launchpad

The marathon will kick-off with 1.5 hours of planning, laying the groundwork with user personas, scope, KPIs, and competitor analysis. A quick 15-minute session will be thrown in to create an early spark on ProductHunt.

Design Phase: Shaping the Vision

Design claims the next 5 hours and 40 minutes, balancing journey mapping, wireframes, and UX/UI design. Time will also be spent interacting with the prototype and updating ProductHunt, ensuring the design's alignment with project scope and market visibility.

Development: Crafting the Product

The 12 hours and 20 minutes of build and development investment will likely cover a full day. This crucial phase turns the high-fidelity designs into a functional product with front-end and back-end development, interspersed with security checks and analytics integration. Nice!

Testing: Ensuring Excellence

For testing, I'll allocate 2 hours and 50 minutes. Focusing on functionality, compatibility, and ironing out any glitches to ensure a seamless user experience.

Launch: Going Live

With just 1 hour and 40 minutes to go, if still on track, the product will be launched. This includes hosting setup, final production deployment, and live testing, punctuated by an update to ProductHunt to signal the product's market entry šŸš€

Post-Launch: Reflective Analysis

We then find ourselves at the final stage of the plan šŸ˜… with a 30 minutes coffee + chill out.

This stages time won't be part of the 24 hour marathon, as it will be for reviewing analytics and initiating the post-launch feedback loop. Like many of you know, it's a crucial period for gathering insights and setting the stage for future enhancements.

Wrapping Up

The #DesignBuildLaunch24 24-hour sprint will be a strong blend of discipline and 0-to-1 hybrid product execution.

It showcases that with robust enough planning, the right people or person onboard, determination AND EXECUTION, creating a market-ready digital product in a 24 hour period can be achieved - but will be an exhilarating journey of pressure, growth, and success.

As for the products future? I will focus shift to user engagement and iterative improvement, with a determination to build its success. Honestly, I'm quite exciting to see where the this goes.