#DesignBuildLaunch24: I launched my digital product in 24 hours

#DesignBuildLaunch24: I launched my digital product in 24 hours

I launched a digital product in 24 hours 🥳 but first, let's rewind back a few weeks to #DesignBuildLaunch24: this was where the story for Glory Morning began.

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#DesignBuildLaunch24 - this was where the story for Glory Morning began.

⏮️ Rewind back a few weeks, I put myself up to a personal challenge. A challenge that pushes the boundaries of my creativity, processes, and efficiency (#OCD).

But, also a challenge that pours fuel directly into my passion to design and build digital products.

💡 So, what product do I build?

I spent hours chewing on this question. Going through my "idea notepad", reviewing what I'd scribbled down in the past. But nothing really had a purpose for me, or others alike.

Then it happened. Our youngest had just dropped off to sleep, while the idea dropped on me.

🧩 It's purpose?

I spend most of time working solo from my home office, which isn't always party poppers and unicorn cupcakes. I’ve seen and experienced how hard and isolating it can become.

It's a physical and mental rollercoaster for your health. You can quickly become trapped in an isolated bubble of: eat, sleep, work, kids, repeat.

#FunFact: I'm a big supporter of the hybrid working policy.

I’ve ALSO seen and experienced how de-motivating and 'on the back burner' it can be to keep at a new hobby when you’re not surrounded by like-minded people.

As Dan Buettner once said -

"The people you surround yourself with influence your behaviours, so choose friends who have healthy habits"

And that is where Glory Morning will slot into place.

A welcoming and vibrant community of like-minded people, who want to meet someone new every single morning. Connect through passions, hobbies, and professions with others you might never meet elsewhere, all from your inbox.

Start your day inspired.

Your feedback is very valuable to me. I see an exciting opportunity for a diverse audience with Glory Morning. Connecting directly with like-minded people, all right from your inbox.

I look forward to seeing you join our community at glorymorning.email 🙌

🎥 The video

As this started out as a self challenge, I did in fact recorded the whole design and build process as a time-lapse.

Check it out on YouTube at https://youtu.be/e4UjbLcO2Hs.

Let me know what you think 🤟