FREE UX Design & Deploy Process Template for Figma

FREE UX Design & Deploy Process Template for Figma

We know the UX Design and deploy process, and we know what’s to be done. But isn’t it nice to get a little reassurance and free UX stuff once in a while?

1 minute read · · Post by Chris Watterston

We love finding free Figma resource files (or anything free for that matter) which can save time and money. Using it for your day job or cheeky side-project– lovely!

But we can’t always sponge, otherwise the community life cycle doesn’t work. If we receive a little, it’s only right to give a little back.

We enjoy sharing ideas and resource with fellow designers, creatives and researchers. Even if it’s as simple as an overview Figma community file. That’s why we've made a UX & Deploy Process Figma community file available, for FREE!!

Within the shared process, there are three phases; Discover & Research, UX Driven Design Product Cycle, and finally Deploy and Learn.

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Enjoy 🤟

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