We're launching Wrikified, a brand new solution for Wrike Users

We're launching Wrikified, a brand new solution for Wrike Users

We're excited to unveil Wrikified, a brand new solution created for Wrike users who want a focused, distraction-free task experience– presented in a beautiful way!

2 minute read · · Post by Chris Watterston

We're excited to unveil Wrikified (Beta), a brand new go-to solution for simplified and beautiful task management for Wrike.

My story started little under two years ago, while assigning our team of design and developers to adopt tasks within Wrike, a project management platform.

It quickly became apparent a large number of these users found Wrike to be overwhelming. To many features, to much going on.

This is how the idea of Wrikified was sparked!

🚀 What Is Wrikified?

Wrikified is a streamlined interface for Wrike, created for individuals and teams who want a more focused, distraction-free task experience– presented in a beautiful way!

🫶 Why Wrikified?

We realised that while Wrike is powerful, its stack of features can sometimes overwhelm users, therefore causing productivity loss and wasted time. Wrikified cuts through the noise, letting you focus solely on what matters—your tasks.

Today, we're thrilled to unveil a solution for Wrike users, enabling you a:

💨 Streamlined Interface: We've stripped away the clutter, leaving only the essential task management features needed by designers and production individuals, and teams.

👀 Enhanced Focus: With fewer distractions, you're free to focus on completing tasks more efficiently. Quickly adding time entries, comments, and status changes.

🔎 Removed Search Time: With a single view for everything, we've completely removed the need to search for tasks, so you can give yourself a break.

🎨 Make Everything Beautiful: With the clutter removed, we found space for a sprinkle of eye candy. We've gone in the direction of adding some look and feel, creating an interface you'll enjoy using.

😂 BONUS FEATURE, The Joy of a Smile: The world could always use more laughter. So, in every moment possible, we'll share a joke with you and our community to brighten everyone's day!

🌟 Special Offer for the PH Community To celebrate our Product Hunt launch, we're giving a 20% discount for the first 3 month of our unlimited subscription plan. Use code PRODUCTHUNT20 at checkout.

We're here to answer any questions and listen to your feedback. Your input could greatly influence our roadmap for future features.

Thank you for checking out Wrikified! Let's kickstart the conversation and make production tasks a breeze. 🚀

Give it a try, it's FREE to get started! We're open to your thoughts, the good, the bad, and the ugly 🙌

Follow our journey on Product Hunt at producthunt.com/posts/wrikified.